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Helloween-Keeper of the seven keys part 2 (my review)

When heavy metal was born there in Germany arose the band Helloween. They recorded first album Walls of Jericho which contains great music. Then they recorded Keeper of the seven keys part1 which is also great but Keeper of the seven keys part 2 is perfect. It's full of emotions, feelings, beautiful songs and atmosphere. Helloween recorded a jewel in heavy metal music. Incredible, unique melodies and vocals. Therefore this album is amazing and impressive.
Road to fantasy begins with instrumental song "Invitation" and after it "Eagle fly free" shows the greatest and brightest song on this album with perfect vocals and atmosphere. "You always walk alone" is emotional song and very interesting. "Rise and fall" sounds funny and song has also very catchy melodies. "Dr.Stein" is another popular song with unforgettable atmosphere. "We got the right" is another fantastic song and truthful. "I want out" has catchy, impressive melodies and feelings. "Keeper of the seven keys" is full of fantasy, beauty, majesty. Song contains incredible moments.
The end of the road to fantasy is a bonus song "Save us" which has impressive lyrics and melodies. Album cover is very beautiful.
Whole album is unforgettable jewel and treasure.

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